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U.S. Durum Milling
7900 Van Buren St.
St. Louis, MO. 63111
Telephone: 1-800-274-1274
Fax: 314-752-7621
Director of Milling Operations:
Giovanni Zago
Semolina or durum flour sales:
Pat Beem (Bulk) or
Matt Torti (Bagged)

Organic products:
Matt Torti
Wheat midds sales:
Bob Huson
Hours of Operation:
Open as needed
Mill Capacity:
19,000 cwt of semolina
per day
Centrally located in St. Louis, US Durum Milling is Italgrani's state-of-the-art milling operation. In keeping with Italgrani's customer-focused approach, we mill custom products to meet our clients' needs and specifications. We can deliver by bulk in railcar or truck, and can also prepare 50-pound bags for delivery. Midds are sold in bulk or in pellet form (delivery in bulk truck, railcar or barge).