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Italgrani owns four grain elevators in North Dakota for grain origination. These locations are full service elevators, specialized in handling all the grains planted and harvested in the area. The staff at each location are local people, familiar with the area and the needs of our customers. Our elevators also help with the sourcing of durum wheat for Italgrani's St. Louis mill as well as for other mills, or for export. The elevator operations work in tandem with Italgrani's grain merchandising arm, Mayco Export, which handles the actual selling of the grain.

In 2010, Renville Elevator Company won an Environmental Respect Award for North Dakota, the agricultural industry's highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers. The awards recognize achievement in environmental stewardship, professional excellence, and community involvement based on evidence of excellence in site design, in-plant storage and handling procedures, emergency preparedness and response, proper application, and leadership in safety and stewardship among customers and employees.

Services include:

Buying and selling of grains
On-site grain storage
Seed cleaning
Fertilizer blending
Fertilizer spreading
Soil testing and fertilizer recommendations
State-of-the-art fertilizer plant, sell directly to farmers
Crop disease control products and disease control consultation
Bulk seed sales
Bulk seed treating

Meet the Grain Elevator Team

General Manager Carl Zeltinger has been working in the grain business since 1985 when he started working at a grain elevator as a 15-year old high school student. Having lived his entire life in Tolley, ND, where the Renville elevator is located, he literally knows everybody in town. Carl started in 1985 for Tolley Grain Growers Assn. Italgrani bought Tolley in 1990. Carl was the assistant manager at Renville from 1990 to 1994, and he was promoted to general manager in 1994.

Carl is assisted at the Tolley location by Shawn Roering (grain trading manager), Cory Egeberg (station manager) and Jeff Volk (agronomy and fertilizer operations).

The station manager at McLean Elevator Company is Bruce Marchand, who has been at the McLean facility since October, 2000 and in the management of grain elevators since 1974. He is assisted at McLean by Darrell Baklenko.

The station manager at Powers Lake Elevator Company is Doug Eckert, who has worked at Powers Lake since 2000. He is assisted at Powers Lake by Lloyd Skalisky.