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Relationships are key to our success and that's particularly true when it comes to our grain merchandising business. We've had a presence at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange for more than two decades through Mayco Export, Inc., enabling us to serve as our customers' eyes and ears on the grain markets.

Our primary focus is on durum wheat but we also handle spring wheat and barley, as well as other commodities. Mayco purchases all the wheat and durum for our St. Louis mill, while also doing business with a number of other leading mills around the country. Through our elevators in North Dakota and our extensive contacts with a number of independent grain elevators, we are involved in a large amount of durum origination in the US, enabling us to offer the best quality and best price to our customers.

The combination of our grain purchasing and merchandising services, from country origination to assisting exporters in originating and shipping grain, is unique in the industry. Add that to our knowledgeable staff and you'll understand why people who trade grain have Mayco's phone number on their speed dial.

Meet the Mayco Team

Mayco Executive Vice-President Tyson Giles was born and raised in an agriculture community within the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota. His experience includes originating and trading wheat in the northern plains, specifically from the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Assisting Tyson are Mike Bartusch, durum merchant and Doug Erickson, barley merchant.

Our grain merchandising insiders enable us to pass on valuable information about planting intentions or share price discovery insights. Since we're trading a lot of different grains, we know what the various qualities are trading at and what the different grades are worth.