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Italgrani's St. Louis facility features a state-of-the-art single line semolina mill, first constructed in 1987, and expanded over subsequent decades. With each expansion, we not only added physical capacity but also refitted the mill with the latest technology. Our location in the center of the US uniquely positions us to source delivered wheat at the best possible price for our customers and also obtain the best outbound freight rates. These factors give us a strong competitive advantage over other US durum mills.

Unique to Italgrani among North American mills is our 4 million bushel grain elevator located next door. This gives us the ability to blend grain as needed, ensuring a consistent high-quality end product for our customers. Individual bins segregate different types and qualities of wheat, further enhancing our ability to customize the product for the customer. Since 2012 we have had the ability to receive shuttle trains allowing us to buy grain more cheaply and move it more quickly and efficiently.

In the fall of 2015 Italgrani was certified by Ecocert ICO ( and began producing Organic Semolina. All Organic products are offered in bulk quantities as well as in 50 pound bagged truckloads.

Our in-house lab is staffed by experienced technicians using the latest equipment. We carefully test all inbound wheat, as well as during and after the milling process before shipping final products to our customers. This ensures you get the highest quality product - and exactly what you are expecting - each and every time.

At Italgrani, customization is our business. We manufacture semolina, durum and organic products to your exact specifications:

  • Semolina and durum wheat flours. Semolina, whole wheat semolina and whole grain semolina sold in bulk and bags at our St. Louis mill. Shipping available in bulk, by rail or truck.
  • Patent, extra fancy patent, first clears and second clears sold in bulk and bags at our St. Louis mill. (2nd Clear is not sold in bags) Shipping available in bulk, by rail or truck. Shipping also available in 50-pound bags via truck, boxcar or intermodel transportation.
  • Durum wheat midds produced through the milling process. Wheat midds sold in either bulk or pelleted form. Can be shipped via truck, railcar or barge.

Organic Durum Semolina and Organic Durum Patent Flour are sold in bulk, by rail or truck. We also offer 50 pound bag truckload quantities.
Organic Second Clear, Midds and pelletized Midds are sold in bulk, by rail or truck.

Italgrani is honored to be a Milling Member of the National Pasta Association,, as well as the North American Millers’ Association,

Additionally, we are Investors in The Grain Foods Foundation.

All of these organizations actively promote the very positive message about the nutritive benefits of grain based foods in a well-balanced diet.

Questions or need more information? Contact:

Semolina and Durum Flour:
Pat Beem at (314) 633-3811
Matt Torti at (314) 633-3809

Durum Midds:
Bob Huson at (314) 633-3841
Patrick Prochno at (314) 633-3835

Organic Products:
Matt Torti at (314) 633-3809