Products & Services

Flour Milling

Italgrani's St. Louis facility features a state-of-the-art single line mill, first constructed 1987, and expanded over subsequent decades. With each expansion, we not only added physical capacity but also refitted the mill with the latest technology. Our location in the center of the US uniquely positions us to source delivered wheat at the best possible price for our customers and also obtain the best outbound freight rates. These factors give us a strong competitive advantage over other US durum mills.
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Grain Merchandising

Relationships are key to our success and that's particularly true when it comes to our grain merchandising business. We've had a presence at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange for more than two decades through Mayco Export, Inc., enabling us to serve as our customers' eyes and ears on the grain markets.

Our primary focus is on durum wheat but we also handle spring wheat and barley, as well as other commodities. Mayco purchases all the wheat and durum for our St. Louis mill, while also doing business with a number of other leading mills around the country. Through our elevators in North Dakota, we control a large amount durum origination in the US, enabling us to offer the best quality and best price to our customers.
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Grain Elevator Services

Italgrani owns four grain elevators in North Dakota for grain origination. This includes sourcing durum for Italgrani's St. Louis mill as well as for other mills, or for export. The elevator operations work in tandem with Italgrani's grain merchandising arm, Mayco Export, which handles the actual selling of the grain.

In 2010, the Italgrani elevators won an Environmental Respect Award for North Dakota, the agricultural industry's highest recognition for environmental stewardship among U.S. agricultural retailers. The awards recognize achievement in environmental stewardship, professional excellence, and community involvement based on evidence of excellence in site design, in-plant storage and handling procedures, emergency preparedness and response, proper application, and leadership in safety and stewardship among customers and employees.
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Commodity Storage and Services

At our St. Louis location, Italgrani combines our extensive grain merchandising knowledge with modern physical facilities to provide grain storage and barge loading services to our customers.

Our 4 million bushel grain elevator, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, provides our company with substantial assets in the best location to assist our clients with shipping grain via barges to New Orleans.
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