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Renville Elevator Company
P.O. Box 8
Tolley, North Dakota 58787
Telephone: 701-386-2457
Fax: 701-386-2472

Cash Bids

General Manager:
Carl Zeltinger
Grain Grading Manager:
Shawn Roering
Station Manager:
Cory Egeberg
Samantha Blomquist & Vanessa Iverson
Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Rail Shipper Information:
120 car shuttle loader served by the Northern Plains Railroad with connection to Canadian Pacific Railroad.
Bushel Capacity:
Tolley - 1,843,000
Italgrani's elevators, strategically located at key points in the heart of grain country, provide all the services our farmer customers need - and more. With our deep connections to the grain markets and grain industry, we pride ourselves on getting our customers the best possible price for their product. Our elevator teams are local experts. We're always ready to lend a helping hand whether it's advice on fertilizer or the latest crop report.

Our Tolley location includes over 1 million bushels of grain storage, our state-of- the-art bulk fertilizer storage and blending plant, and all of the other services farmers need.

Products: Durum wheat, barley, flax, sunflowers, peas

Services: Agronomy, seed cleaning, fertilizer blending, fertilizer spreading

We buy and sell small grains as well as Canola, Sunflowers, Peas, Lentils, Flax and Soybeans.

Our specialty is Durum Wheat.

We also sell:

  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Bagged Canola, Sunflowers, Corn and Soybean Seed
  • Dry Fertilizer Blends
  • Bulk Certified Seed
  • Ag Chemicals
  • Twine and Miscellaneous Products

We also deliver Fertilizer by tender truck.