U.S. Durum Milling

Centrally located in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Durum Milling is Italgrani’s state-of-the-art milling operation where we mill custom products to meet our customers’ needs and specifications. We offer bulk delivery by railcar or truckload, as well as totes and 50lb bags by boxcar or truck. Midds are available in bulk or in pellet form, and can be delivered in bulk truck, railcar, or barge shipments.

Location Information

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U.S. Durum Milling

7900 Van Buren St.
St. Louis, MO 63111
Telephone: 1-800-274-1274
Fax: 314-752-7621

Director of Milling Operations

Giovanni Zago: 314-633-3804

Semolina or Durum Flour Sales

Pat Beem (bulk): 314-633-3811
Matt Torti (bags, totes): 314-633-3809

Organic Products

Matt Torti: 314-633-3809

Wheat Midds Sales

Patrick Prochno: 314-633-3835

Hours of Operation

Open as needed

Mill Capacity

28,000 cwt of semolina or durum flour per day

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