Baking with Durum and Semolina Flours

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A replacement for white flour in most bakery applications

Chefs and foodservice operators are well-served to keep durum and semolina flours on-hand to contribute a variety of benefits, such as added protein, an artisanal sensory experience, and more attractive color.

Learn the benefits of durum and semolina flour

Tap into fresh and artisanal trends

Semolina and durum flours are popular ingredients in artisanal baked goods, a category that has recently seen strong growth.

Higher protein content

Semolina’s high protein content also makes it effective for creating the desirable chewiness that consumers expect in products like Pugliese bread, ciabatta, and pane Siciliano.

Rustic, enticing golden colors

The natural color of semolina helps give baked pizza crusts, biscuits, breads, waffles, pancakes, and more an attractive, appetizing golden color.

Functional Beyond the Oven

Durum and semolina flours can effectively replace or be combined with common white flour in most bakery applications. Beyond the oven, durum can be a functional flour in many cooking applications, like thickening and dusting.

Durum, Semolina, and Baked Goods

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