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Opportunities for Improving Premium Pasta

Flour quality matters when it comes to texture and appearance in pasta. Pasta makers need a high-purity flour to produce optimal texture and appearance in premium fresh and dried goods. Read our newest white paper to learn why extra fancy patent (EFP) durum flour may be the solution you are seeking!


Extra Fancy Patent (EFP) Durum Flour

Unlocking opportunities for better pasta production

EFP flour makes pasta doughs strong and smooth in texture and can be formulated into a wide array of long and short goods. Its exceptionally fine granules quickly and evenly hydrate to create a smooth, consistent texture throughout the pasta.

The key to premium pasta

Stronger, more elastic sheets

Consistency during dough development helps sheets to resist tearing during production. EFP flour formulations produce pasta doughs with elasticity, a vitally important attribute for efficient, cost-effective sheet production.

Attractive on shelf, appetizing on plate

While EFP flour is effective for producing high quality sheeted goods, it also works well for sheet-like extruded goods such as lasagna, where appearance and texture can make the difference between whether or not a consumer makes a repeat purchase.

Even, al dente texture

Formulating extruded pasta doughs with extra fancy patent durum flour results in pastas like gnocchi, spaghetti, and linguine that are pleasing to the eye and cook to an even, al dente texture.

Rising global demand for pasta

Global markets today consume more pasta than before, according to the International Pasta Organization (IPO). Commercially produced pasta is available in over 40 countries, with the United States as the largest overall market.

Extra Fancy Patent Flour for Premium Pasta

If you’re interested in using EFP flour in your pasta formulation, please get in touch with us today!


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