Finding a Trusted U.S. Durum Flour Miller

Achieving consistently high quality in semolina and durum flours requires a miller that understands the nuances and particularities of its products. Such a miller should have boots on the ground at the local farm level to ensure uninterrupted sourcing and an ability to adapt to changing markets. Additionally, millers must have tight controls over how flour is milled and transported and enough production capacity to adequately fill orders on time and to specification. It also doesn’t hurt if they own their own grain elevators.

Here are three key factors for manufacturers to consider when seeking out a U.S. miller of semolina and durum flour.


Expertise in any ingredient comes from experience and deep knowledge of the supply chain and production processes. Food brands benefit most from millers who comprehend how their grains and flours are used in a wide range of applications. Formulators need suppliers who understand the inputs and outputs of commercial scale food production.

Operating since 1979, Italgrani USA has grown into the largest miller of semolina and durum flours in North America. In that time, we’ve developed an intricate, vertically integrated supply chain and achieved efficiencies through investments in technology and maintaining direct relationships with wheat growers. Our experienced management team sources grain from all over North America, providing our customers a consistent, cost-effective supply of semolina and durum ingredients.

Our expertise means we can accommodate nearly any specification for granulations, packaging formats, and custom blends. Whether it’s semolina for pasta or extra fancy patent durum flour for snacks and cereals, manufacturers trust Italgrani’s experience in semolina and durum.


A consistent sensory experience is essential to a food brand’s success. To achieve consistency and quality in finished products, commercial food manufacturers who use semolina and durum flours need ingredients that meet exact specifications and are available in specific packaging and transportation options.

To this end, Italgrani operates a mill exclusively dedicated to processing semolina and durum flours with consistent quality and performance. This highly specialized focus translates to deep, specific understanding of these products across the entire team. This depth of knowledge enables us to provide a wide range of organic or conventional semolina, patent, and extra fancy patent flours in 50 lb. bags to totes and bulk via truck, boxcar, railcar, and intermodal transportation.

In particular, Italgrani’s organic flour capabilities are unparalleled. In 2015, Ecocert ICO certified Italgrani to produce organic semolina. We offer organic semolina and flour products in bulk quantities, totes, and 50 lb. bags by the truckload.


In addition to having strong expertise and capabilities, commercial food manufacturers look for millers with the capacity to help them scale growth. Food brands that are experiencing high demand require suppliers with capacity to produce dependable ingredients at high volume. A milling partner should have broad geographic reach and the ability to grow to meet rising sales.

To this end, Italgrani has invested in expanding our production capacity. A recent expansion increased our mill’s production by 40% and integrated state-of-the-art technology to optimize efficiencies. With a daily capacity of 28,000 cwt, our mill, U.S. Durum Milling, is the largest semolina and durum mill on the continent.

At Italgrani, we work every day with industry-leading manufacturers of pasta, bakery, snack, and cereal applications. Whether it’s a railcar of conventional durum flour or a truckload of bagged organic semolina, we specialize in customizing our products to meet specific standards of granulation, gluten strength, and many other factors.

If you’re looking to work with an expert miller of semolina and durum flours, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have the expertise, capability, and capacity to deliver semolina and durum products to meet your needs.

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