Italgrani Elevator Company

Italgrani’s St. Louis facility features a state-of-the-art single line mill, first constructed in 1987 and expanded over subsequent decades. With each expansion, we not only added physical capacity but also refitted the mill with the latest technology. Our location in the center of the US uniquely positions us to source delivered wheat at the best possible price for our customers and to obtain the best outbound freight rates. These factors give us a strong competitive advantage over other U.S. durum mills. 

The Italgrani facility, located in the City of St. Louis on the banks of the Mississippi River, provides significant resources to the company. With grain storage totaling 4 million bushels, our elevator is one of the largest river grain elevators on the Mississippi, receiving and storing the different grains delivered to our facility.

In June 2012, we completed an expansion of our rail track capacity so that our location can receive shuttle trains of grain.

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Grain storage, shuttle unloading capability

Italgrani Elevator Company

7900 Van Buren St. 
St. Louis, MO 63111 

Telephone: 314-638-1447
Fax: 314-752-7621

Merchandising Manager

Tyson Giles: 612-370-0834, ext. 2

St. Louis Operations Manager

Doug Bolin: 314-633-3807

Hours of Operation

Open as needed

Rail Shipper Information

110 car shuttle receiving station (effective June 2012) served by the Union Pacific Railroad, with connection to all Class 1 Railroads

Grain Elevator Capacity

4 million bushels

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