Italgrani USA to expand St. Louis, Missouri durum flour mill

St. Louis, MO (February 21, 2017) Italgrani USA announced today a significant expansion of its milling operations at its milling complex in St. Louis, Missouri. The expansion will encompass three components; an expansion of finished goods storage, a new 8,000 cwt daily capacity durum mill and expansion of its bagging capabilities.

The new 8,000 cwt durum mill, which is estimated to be operational by the end of Q2 2018, will be located adjacent to the existing durum milling unit in St. Louis. This new mill will enable Italgrani to serve its growing customer base as well as provide substantially more capacity to produce durum fancy patent and durum extra fancy patent flour. In addition, this new capacity will provide more flexibility and additional capacity to produce its organic semolina and flour products.

The new finished goods tower, which includes 19 new storage tanks, will be operational by Q3 2017. This capacity will enhance the existing storage, and will allow for greater flexibility in serving customers.

The bagging capacity expansion, which is estimated to be completed by Q1 2018, will be located on the Italgrani campus. This new building will allow for much greater capacity to serve customer volume requirements, but will also allow for greater flexibility to produce a wide variety of products much more efficiently.

These three projects represent a significant investment in the company and will allow Italgrani to continue to serve its customers’ growing needs. These investments, coupled with the substantial existing infrastructure at the St. Louis location, will allow Italgrani to continue to be responsive to its customers’ current needs as well into the future.

Italgrani USA currently operates a 20,000 cwt daily capacity durum mill in St. Louis, Missouri. This facility, which was first constructed in 1987, has been expanded several times over the past 25 years. This durum mill is supported by a 4 million bushel grain elevator located next to the mill. The complex also has the capability to receive shuttle trains of grain. Italgrani also operates three grain elevators in North Dakota, as well as a grain trading office located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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